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Common questions surrounding connecting with couriers

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Which couriers will ChannelGrabber integrate with?

ChannelGrabber offers direct integrations with the following couriers (click on the name of your courier below to open the relevant integration guide for more information):


What will the courier integration allow me to do in ChannelGrabber?

In most cases, the purpose of integrating directly with your courier, is to allow you to generate your courier labels in bulk within ChannelGrabber using the order details from our system, to save you from having to book each item onto your courier system separately (you will still usually need to generate a manifest for your courier as part of this process, but this can almost always be done within ChannelGrabber too).  

You can choose to print your courier labels via ChannelGrabber using your special courier label printer (the labels generated by ChannelGrabber will always be 6x4" in size) or you can set up your customer invoice in ChannelGrabber to print onto A4 integrated label paper (for example: Forms Plus Single Label FPS-15), so that you can just print one page per order, which will include the courier label for the outside of the parcel, and an invoice or note for your customer to go inside the package.  More information can be found on this within each courier guide, as linked in the list above.

If you are sending your parcel using a tracked service from your courier, then the tracking number will aitomatically be assigned to the order in ChannelGrabber, so that when you mark the order as dispatched, the tracking number can be send to the channel (eBay, Amazon and Shopify only) along with the dispatch notification, which the channel can then pass on to your customer.


How long will it take to get my courier integrated with ChannelGrabber?

There is no exact timescale, however most courier integrations take at least a couple of weeks to set up, as ChannelGrabber has to apply for certain information from your courier which they can take time to pass back to us, and in some cases, test labels must be printed before the integration can go live.  Please see the links for each courier above for more detail on the processes and timescales involved with each integration.  If time is of the essence to you, then the sooner you let us know that you need a courier integration, the sooner we can start working on it with your courier on your behalf.


My DPD / DPD Local Integration seems to be taking a really long time - why is this?

The process for the DPD and DPD Local (Interlink)Interlink integrations with ChannelGrabber is much more lengthy than for other couriers (see separate guide on DPD / DPD Local integrations), and relies on us, you and the courier to set up, so you may find that it can take several weeks or more to be completed.  A lot of this process is out of ChannelGrabber's control unfortunately, as part of the process involves you (the user) printing off physical test labels and posting them to DPD/Interlink for approval.  If anything on the labels is not up to their strict standards, the labels may be rejected, and then you will have to re-print them and send further test labels after addressing whatever the original problem was.  These are stages that are compulsory before DPD/Interlink will allow ChannelGrabber to complete the integration and set it live, so unfortunately there is not much we can do, other than offer you help and advice during the testing phase.  

If you need to know where things are up to at any stage during the integration, or for help with the test labels, you can contact the ChannelGrabber Support Team on or via the Intercom chat system and they will do their best to assist or update you.

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