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I changed a stock level on the Products page in ChannelGrabber, but when I clicked off it, nothing changed - why didn't my stock quantity update?

To apply a stock update in ChannelGrabber, you need to click on the number in the QTY column for the item you want to update, delete/overwrite the old quantity with the up to date quantity, then hit the Enter/Carriage Return key on your keyboard to actually apply the change.  If you do not hit Enter, the stock level will not be saved.  

If your stock management is activated in ChannelGrabber then this will prompt a stock update on the channels where the item is listed too, so you will see the status of the listing change to Pending (amber) while the stock update goes through, then it will change to Active (green) again once updated, or Paused (purple) if the item is now out of stock.  

If your stock management is not yet activated in ChannelGrabber, then this will update the stock level in ChannelGrabber, but nothing will change on your channels.  If you need help preparing for stock management to be activated, please see our articles in the main Stock Management section, or speak to the Support Team..


What do the different status icons mean on the main Products page?

Active:  (green) shows that there is an active listing for the product on the channel whose column it is under

Pending:  (amber) shows that ChannelGrabber is currently submitting an update the the channel whose column it is under, either a stock update for a new listing is being submitted

Error:  (red) shows that there is a listing or stock update error for the listing on the channel whose column it is under

Paused:  (purple) shows that an item is paused on the channel whose column it is under (usually due to having zero stock available)

Inactive:  (grey) shows that there is no live listing for the product on the channel whose column it is under

I have had an oversell, how did that happen?

Please see separate guide for a comprehensive check list:  Oversells - What causes them?

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