Shopify Integration

Learn how to obtain the Shopify API credentials that we need to connect with your Shopify webstore

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  1. Go to  and log into your Shopify account

2. Click on Apps from the Dashboard menu in the left hand column:

3.  At the very bottom of the Apps page, click on "Manage Private Apps":

4.  On the Private Apps page, click on the "Create a new private app" button:

5.  Enter the Private app name as "ChannelGrabber” and if you want to have a contact email associated with this app, enter it here as well:

6.  On the next section down - "Admin API" - click on each drop-down option and select "Read and write" as the access level (or just "Read access" if the "Read and write" option is not available):

7.  Click the Save button at the bottom of the page when you have done this for all the available options and Shopify will generate API Details for the new ChannelGrabber App:

8.  Back in ChannelGrabber, you can now navigate to the Modules page:

9.  From the list of modules available, find the Shopify one and click the "More Info" button, then once you have the information screen open, click on the "Buy" button to add Shopify to your subscription:

10.  ChannelGrabber will now need your Shopify API credentials.  First, you can choose what the Display Name of your Shopify channel will be in ChannelGrabber (it will be "Shopify" by default), then copy the "API Key" from your Shopify page and paste it into the "Shopify Key Token" field in ChannelGrabber:

11.  Return to your Shopify page and copy the "Example URL" field, then paste that into the "Shopify Endpoint" field in ChannelGrabber, but then remove everything after the "" portion.  

For example, if your URL ends with "" then remove the "/admin/orders.json" portion:

12.  Click the Continue button and the system will then confirm once your webstore is successfully integrated:

We hope this guide is useful but if you have any questions or issues with this integration, please do feel free to contact the Support Team via the Intercom chat icon or you can email on 

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