How to Remove a Module

Learn how to remove a marketplace, webstore, courier or module from your ChannelGrabber Classic account using our "self-service" tools

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We have recently rolled out several “self-service” features to empower ChannelGrabber users to take more control of their usage and add-ons without having to contact the Support Team.


It is now possible to remove marketplace accounts and courier integrations yourself.  If you are currently being billed for the module that you decide to remove, we will automatically re-calculate your next billing invoice and deduct the cost of whichever module you remove.  If you are unsure about your billing, please contact the Sales & Billing Team on 0161 711 0248.


 1.  Navigate to your Settings page:


 2.  Click on the Remove Channels tab on the left:


 3.  Select “Remove channels”:


 4.  You will be presented with a list of the marketplaces and couriers that you currently have connected with your ChannelGrabber account.  Simply click the Remove button on the right in the Action column:


 5.  A pop-up will appear to allow you to verify that you definitely wish to remove the selected channel.  If you are sure, please click the OK button to proceed, or Cancel if you change your mind or clicked this by mistake:


The channel will then be disconnected from your ChannelGrabber account and our billing team will check to see if your next invoice from us needs to be amended and will action this as needed.

If you are not currently paying anything extra for the module that you have removed, then your billing amount will not change.


If you would like to check your billing details and view/print out your invoices from ChannelGrabber, you can do this in the Billing section at any time:

 If you have any questions about your billing, please contact the Sales & Billing Team on 0161 711 0248.

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