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Using Existing eBay Business Policies / Seller Profiles In ChannelGrabber
Using Existing eBay Business Policies / Seller Profiles In ChannelGrabber

Learn how to import and select your eBay Business Policies when listing to eBay via ChannelGrabber Classic

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If you have existing eBay business policies, (also sometimes known as seller profiles), these can now be utilised when creating or revising an eBay listing in ChannelGrabber.

This is a direction that eBay are actively encouraging their sellers to move into, so if you have not yet explored Business Policies on your eBay account, we recommend you check out this guide from eBay's Help Centre:  Managing Your eBay Business Policies


Importing Business Policies into ChannelGrabber

1.  Navigate to Settings - Marketplaces - eBay Accounts, and click on the Account Settings button to expand the settings for your eBay account:


2.  Underneath the “Default Payment Methods” section you will see a blue link that says “Fetch eBay Business Policies” – click this to import any existing policies into your ChannelGrabber eBay settings:


3.  The page will refresh once the Business Policies have been imported, so you may need to click on the Account Settings button again.  Once they are imported, you will be able to see extra fields in your eBay Settings for the Business Policies, where you can set the default options you want to apply on the majority of your listings (if you have different policies for different products, don’t worry, just select the most common options as the defaults here, as you will still be able to change them per product at the listing level, which we’ll cover shortly), then click the Save button:



Applying Business Policies when Creating or Revising Listings

When you are creating or editing an eBay listing in ChannelGrabber, you will be able to find your Business Policies on the “Misc” tab within the eBay listing profile, at the bottom of the page.  Just as you would with any other settings on this page, you can either leave them as the default options that you have set in your settings page, or you can alter them per product:


When you have completed / amended your listing as necessary, click on the Submit or Revise button at the top of the page within the QuickLoad bar to submit your listing / changes through to eBay:



We hope this guide is helpful, but if you require further assistance, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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