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Learn how to set up advanced shipping rules to change your shipping method based on order value, weight or a combination of both

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Shipping Rules allow you to add a further level of "mapping" in addition to the initial Map Shipping option, to control the shipping methods displayed on the Orders page and make it more straight forward to break down your orders based on things like the weight and/or value of the products in the order. This would prove helpful if you would like to be able to choose to use a more secure shipping service based on the value of an item for example. 

Shipping Rules are based on the Shipping Names that you set up in the Map Shipping settings - so it's important that these are set up first.


Adding Shipping Rules

First, please navigate to Settings - Shipping - Shipping Rules:


Once on the Shipping Rules Page, click the + New Shipping Rule button to get started.


You will be presented by a number of options, used to specify the conditions of each rule.   The Shipping Name will be populated based on your Map Shipping settings - this will be a list of all the Shipping Names you have previously set up (you can create a new Shipping Name for the purposes of creating shipping rules if necessary, as the Shipping Name doesn't have to be linked to an existing Shipping Method).


Important Note

The order value is calculated from the order itself, and the order weight is calculated from the product weight entered on the main ChannelGrabber "General" tab for each product.  Please note that it is the total order weight that will be used to apply the rule, so if there are multiple products or multiple quantities of the same product, then the combined total weights of all products will be used to apply the rule.  The weight unit here will depend on your account settings – if you enter your product weights in grams, these will show as grams in the Shipping Rules section too.


First, Select the Shipping Name you want to apply to the new rule, then you can choose to set a minimum and maximum Order Value and/or a minimum and maximum Order Weight to set the floor and ceiling thresholds for the rule:


In the example above, the first rule would use the "Courier" Shipping Name, and would be applied to any order where the total order value is between £50 - £1000 and with a total order weight is between 2kg to 5kg. 


If you want to create an "either/or" rule, for example if you have some heavy but low value items, or some light but high value items, you can create the Order Value rule on one line and the Order Weight rule on another line, and that way ChannelGrabber can base the rule on EITHER the Order Value OR the Order Weight instead of looking at both combined:



We hope this guide is helpful, but if you require further assistance, please feel free to contact the Support Team.

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