Importing Existing Listings From Your Marketplaces

Learn how to import your products/listings from your marketplaces into ChannelGrabber Classic via the Unimported Listings section

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When you initially open your ChannelGrabber account you may have existing active listings on your marketplaces that you would like to import to ChannelGrabber.  Even when you have been using ChannelGrabber for a while, you still have the option to add listings directly on your channels if you prefer.  These listings can then be imported into ChannelGrabber using the Unimported Listings section of the system.


1.  Go to Products → Unimported Listings:


2.  Any new listings that are on your channels but not in your main Products page will automatically import overnight, or if you have just created a batch of new listings and want to bring them in sooner, you can click the Run Manual Check button, which will then import the new listings within approximately one hour:

3.  Once the new listings are showing in Unimported Listings, you can use the Channel and Account filters on the top right to select which channel and account you would like to import from first (in cases when you have international listings, it is a good idea to bring the UK listings in first so that you have the products information in English).  If the same items are listed on eBay and Amazon, we recommend you import the eBay listings first, followed by the Amazon listings, particularly if you have variation products:


4.  You can use the Show drop-down menu to show up to 1,000 listings per page, so this is a good way to import lots of listings in bulk:


5.  Once you have the full list of the listings you want to import, select all items on that page by clicking the tick box on the top left of the page, or you can use the tick boxes next to each individual product to only import specific products (there is a search bar on the top right to allow you to search for specific SKUs or product names):


6.  Once your listings are selected, then from the Bulk drop-down menu above the tick box, select Import / Cancel Import then click the Go button and this will start them importing into your main Products page.  The Import Progress column on the right will show Pending as the status while the listings are being imported and they will gradually disappear from Unimported Listings and move into the Products page:  


7.  Once the first batch from your selected account has been imported, if you have other channels and accounts to import from then you can return to Unimported Listings to select and import the second batch and so on, until all your new listings are in the main Products page. 


We hope this guide is helpful, but of course, do let us know if you need any further assistance.

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