Connecting to eBay

Learn how to authorise ChannelGrabber Classic to connect to your eBay account

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1.  Please go to Settings – Marketplaces – eBay Accounts and then next to your eBay account(s) click the “Account Settings” button to expand the settings for the account you wish to connect.  

 2.  At the very bottom of the Account Settings section, click the "Renew Account" link which will forward you to eBay where you can log in to your account and agree that ChannelGrabber can have access to this account. 

3.  Once you have clicked “I agree” on eBay, you will be forwarded back to ChannelGrabber, where you can return to Settings – Marketplaces – eBay Accounts and within the Account Settings for the account you have just connected, next to the Renew Account link it will display your "Token Expiration Time", so that tells you how long this token will keep the eBay account connected to ChannelGrabber.  When the token expires, simply follow the previous steps again to reconnect your account.

4.  Please fill out any other relevant sections within the Account Settings section for the account that you just connected, and at the lower left side of the page, click “Fetch Store Categories From eBay”.

5.  Finally, click Save at the bottom right of the Account Settings section.  Your eBay account will now be ready to use in ChannelGrabber.

This will add your eBay account into ChannelGrabber so that you can list to eBay and ChannelGrabber can manage stock and pull in your eBay orders.  Please note that stock management is not automatically set live on new accounts, so you may need to discuss this with your Implementations Specialist or the Support Team.

6.  To import any existing eBay listings, please follow the Unimported Listings guide in the knowledgebase. 

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