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Learn how to obtain your Amazon Seller Credentials and connect to ChannelGrabber Classic

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  1. Login to your UK/EU or US/CA account on SellerCentral. 

2.  Hover over Settings and click "User Permissions"

3. Click on "Visit Manage Your Apps" under Third-party developer and apps.

Then locate the "Amazon MWS Developer Permissions" section and click the Authorise a Developer button:

4.  The Developer Name is “ChannelGrabber

5.  The Developer Account Number for UK and Europe is “8782-4123-8191

For Amazon US/CA/MX the account number is “3958-9176-1193

For Amazon Japan the account number is  "2440-0909-3922":

6.  Click Next then on the following page, click the two boxes to confirm you agree to Amazon’s terms then click Next again:

7.  Amazon will then provide your Seller ID code and your MWS Authorisation Token:


8.  Highlight and copy your Seller ID.  If you have a unified Europe account where you sell on the UK site but DE, FR, IT and ES are all linked, then you only need the one main Seller ID for all of them - NOT the individual Marketplace ID, so please ignore the Marketplace IDs.

9. In a separate tab, log into your ChannelGrabber account and navigate to Settings → Marketplaces → Amazon Accounts and paste your Seller ID into the Seller ID field in ChannelGrabber

10.  Return to Amazon and highlight and copy your MWS Authorisation Token, then paste this into the corresponding field in ChannelGrabber:

If you sell on UK and also have the European channels enabled, you can enter the same Seller ID and MWS Auth Token for them all.


11.  Set your Default Shipping Country, then set your display name as Amazon UK/FR/DE etc. and select your Trading Company then click Save:


This will add your Amazon account into ChannelGrabber so that you can list to Amazon and ChannelGrabber can manage stock and pull in your Amazon orders.  Please note that stock management is not automatically set live on new accounts, so you may need to discuss this with your implementations specialist or the Support Team.


12.  To import your Amazon listings, please follow the Unimported Listings guide in the knowledgebase.

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