Personalising & Viewing/Printing a Picking List

Learn how to add different elements to your Picking List to help you streamline your picking and packing processes

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Setting Up Your Picking List

The first step to being able to use a Picking List in ChannelGrabber is to set up your location names.

1.  Navigate to Settings – Company – Picking List:


2.  ChannelGrabber has options to add up to three different location names.  These are simply labels for each location you would go to in order to pick your products, for example, if you have two warehouses, and within those warehouses you have different aisles, then within each aisle you have numbered shelves, you would enter “Warehouse” as Locator Name 1, “Aisle” as Locator Name 2 and “Shelf” as Locator Name 3, then click Save:


Once you have set up your locator names, you will then need to add your locations to each different product in ChannelGrabber.

3.  Go to your Products page and click on one of your product names to access the general information for that product.


4.  Go to the Stock tab within your product:


5.  You will see that your three locator names are now available so you can enter the location of your product in each field, for example, if your item is in Warehouse A, Aisle 6, Shelf 13, then that is how you add the location here:


It is also possible to populate the Locators in bulk using data from a spreadsheet via the Data Exchange – see separate guide HERE if you would prefer to add the locators this way.


Viewing/Printing Picking Lists

Once you have customised your invoice and added locator names and locations to all of your products, you are now ready to start printing Invoices and Picking Lists for your orders.

Navigate to your Orders page, where you can view your orders from your channels as well as any Manual Orders you may have created (a more detailed guide on order processing can be viewed HERE).


1.  First, select the orders that you wish to process using the tick boxes on the far left hand column:


2.  Next, from the Bulk Actions menu, select Picking List and click the Go button, which will launch the Picking List on-screen:


3.  The default Picking List on any new account will not feature an image column, however if you would like to add this into your picking list, just ask out Support Team and they can enable this for you.

The Picking List will provide the SKU, Title, Qty (that needs to be picked) and the three locators that you have set up in your ChannelGrabber settings.  If you have added the locations into each product, then you will also be able to see the locations next to each SKU.

If you want to order your Picking List by SKU or location etc. (eg. put everything in order of the Aisle where it can be found), you can click the locator header and the columns will re-organise according to your preference:


When you have your Picking List laid out to your preference, this can either be printed, or simply opened on a tablet or smartphone, then used to help you find your products and complete your orders more efficiently.


We hope this guide is helpful, but if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our Support Team

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