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Learn how to personalise your ChannelGrabber Classic account for your business

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You can access your company details by navigating to the Settings page then clicking on the Company tab:


You will usually have entered your Legal Details during the sign-up process, but if you ever need to edit them, you can go to Settings – Company – Legal Details where they can be changed and saved:


Contact Details

The contact details you enter here are used by ChannelGrabber staff should we ever need to contact you regarding your account, so please ensure they are kept up to date.  If there are multiple people sharing an account, the contact details entered here should be the main user of ChannelGrabber or the most senior member of your team.  You can also specify your Time Zone so we know what times you are likely to be available:


Trading Details

Many of our users have different trading companies for different channels, so the Trading Details section allows you to create multiple trading companies, each of which can be assigned to different accounts, and have their own invoice design (for different logos etc.).


To create a new trading company, simply enter the name of the company in the New Trading Details field then click the New button:


Your new trading company will appear under any previous trading companies you have created.  Click the name of the new company and the fields will appear for you to enter the new company address and contact details.  These are the details your customers will see on your invoices.  Don’t forget to click the Save button when you are done:


Tax Settings

You can specify your tax name (usually VAT if you are a UK company) and if you are VAT registered you can enter your VAT number here too.  This can be incorporated onto your invoice design if it is present in your Tax Settings. 


You may also want to set up different tax rates, which can then be specified on a product by product basis, so if you sell a mix of items, some of which that are VAT exempt, you will be able to specify that in ChannelGrabber within the general product tab, and then your channels and invoices “know” the correct rate for that item when it is ordered.  Simply click on Add New Tax Rate to add more rates or you can re-name the existing ones.  You can also specify what the actual tax rate is (in percentage format).  Don’t forget to save any changes at the bottom of the page.


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