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An Introduction to ChannelGrabber Classic
An Introduction to ChannelGrabber Classic

Learn how to navigate your way around our system

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ChannelGrabber Classic is an online marketplace management software, that allows you to import, create and manage products and listings across multiple marketplaces, as well as actively updating your stock across all platforms whenever you make a sale on one of your marketplaces and of course, processing and dispatching your orders.

The guides in our Knowledgebase are designed to make it as simple as possible to navigate around and use ChannelGrabber's features, from the most basic right up to advanced features and external integrations.

First of all, in this article we will show you how to navigate around ChannelGrabber.


To login to your ChannelGrabber account you need to go to and enter the username (email address) and password that you chose when you signed up initially:


When you first log in you will see the ChannelGrabber navigation bar then below that, the dashboard.  The navigation bar shows you all the main areas that you can access:


The Home button will always return you to the Dashboard from wherever you are in the system:


The Products button takes you to the full list of all the products that are being managed in ChannelGrabber.  You will be able to see general identifiers for each product such as the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)/product code, product title and stock level, as well as which channel that product is actively listed on (if any).  If you have not yet connected any of your marketplaces or imported any listings then this page will be empty to start with:

 If you hover over the Products button without clicking on it you will see a sub-menu which gives you access to the Products Data Exchange and Unimported Listings sections.  These features are covered in more depth in other separate Knowledgebase guides:


The Orders button takes you to the order processing page where you will be able to view any orders that have been placed on your connected marketplaces.  You can do things like print invoices and picking lists, add tracking numbers and of course, mark your orders as dispatched all from this one page, and it will update all of your connected marketplaces:


If you hover over the Orders button without clicking on it you will see a sub-menu which gives you access to the Upload Tracking Numbers, Data Exchange and MOTO (Manual Orders) sections.  These features are covered in more depth in other separate Knowledgebase guides:


The Settings page has multiple categories which are all covered in more depth in the other articles within this section of the Knowledgebase.  It allows you to set up your ChannelGrabber account and manage things like your legal company details and trading details, set up and manage invoices and picking list headers, connect your marketplaces and customise your shipping options to list a few examples:


The Modules page provides a list of any additional marketplaces and external integrations that ChannelGrabber offers.  Depending on the integration or marketplace that you want to set up, you may be required to liaise with our Technical Support Team in order to set up the more complex integrations such as webstores, couriers etc.  If you are interested in purchasing an additional module, it is recommended that you discuss your requirements and additional costs with one of our Sales Team first, to ensure you receive the best support.  You can reach our Sales Team on +44 (0)161 711 0248 or

The Intercom button can be used to chat with a member of our first-line Support Team if you need to report a problem or ask us for some extra help.  Your issue will then be investigated, and if needed a ticket will then be created for you with our second-line support team so that the issue can be escalated and worked on.  You will receive further updates from the first-line support agents once your ticket has been reviewed and/or resolved.

The Intercom chat icon (shown above) will display at the lower right corner of any page while you are logged into the ChannelGrabber Classic system.  Simply click it to view past conversations or start a new chat with our Support Team.

If the issue is urgent, you can also call our Tech Support Helpline via the main office number on +44 (0)161 711 0248, and follow the instructions for the ChannelGrabber Classic Support Team, but this should be reserved for urgent cases only please.

The Forum button will allow you access to our customer forum which includes groups and discussions on various different topics relating to ChannelGrabber.  It is a place to get advice and swap tips with other users and be a part of our community:


The Billing section allows you to view and download your ChannelGrabber invoices and check your next billing date at any time.  It will automatically be kept up to date by our accounting system.  If you ever need to update your payment method or discuss your billing, you can call our accounts dept. on +44 (0)161 711 0236:


The Help button gives you access to our Knowledgebase.  If you have a question or issue, try the knowledgebase first, but if you can't find the answer you can raise a ticket with our Support Team.  If you have an urgent query, you can also call our Support Team on +44 (0)161 711 0248 between 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday, and speak to someone directly:


The Log Out button signs you out of the ChannelGrabber service securely and you will need to re-enter your username and password to gain access again:


We hope that this guide has helped you get started.  Please check out our other guides to continue your development.  We recommend working through the articles in the Getting Started & Personalising Your Account section first.

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