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Triggering a Stock Sync (Stock Push)
Triggering a Stock Sync (Stock Push)

Learn how to trigger a stock sync to push all the current stock quantities in ChannelGrabber out to your connected marketplaces

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If you have activated stock management in ChannelGrabber (see guide on Activating Stock Management if you haven't yet) then you can choose to trigger a full stock sync at any time, which causes ChannelGrabber to do a stock push on ALL of your SKUs, to push out the stock levels that are in ChannelGrabber to all of your channels and listings to make sure they are all at the exact same level to start with. 


BEFORE you trigger a stock sync, you must make sure that the SKUs you have on your account are correct and unique and that you're happy for ChannelGrabber to send the stock value, as it is, to your listings on the channels themselves. This means that any zero or negative stock value item on ChannelGrabber will get pushed out which will potentially end the listing on the channel/cause it to go out of stock.


If you use eBay’s “Out of Stock Control” option:

  • If we push out a stock level of zero to an active eBay listing, then that listing will simply show as "out of stock" on eBay, instead of being ended, so it will stay live but the customer won't be able to buy it until you add more stock. 

  • If you have inactive eBay listings (even ones with zero stock) in ChannelGrabber, then the stock push will re-list the item to eBay, which means you could incur listing fees from eBay even if you don't have the item in stock.  If you want to avoid this, please ensure you have removed any eBay listings that you do NOT want to be re-listed BEFORE you trigger a stock push.


If you use Amazon sales prices or manage your prices on Amazon directly:

  • Please let us know before we push out stock, as ChannelGrabber will push out the original prices to Amazon and over-write your Amazon/Sales prices.

  • We can disable Amazon pricing in ChannelGrabber, but you need to notify us BEFORE you trigger a stock push.


To trigger a stock push, simply navigate to the main Products page and click on the "Stock Sync" button:


A pop-up notification will appear which contains a disclaimer to ensure you have read and understood this guide, and understand the potential repercussions of triggering a stock push, so you need to tick the check box to confirm that you understand these points before clicking the OK button:


Once you do this, you will see that the Active (green tick) status icons next to each product will change to Pending (amber) status icons while the stock push is happening, then everything should revert back to the relevant status again once it is done (usually "Active" or sometimes "Paused" if you have zero stock left).


If you have any questions prior to triggering a stock sync, do feel free to get in touch with our training team via the Intercom chat icon and someone will get back to you to provide further assistance.

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