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Checking for Missing or Duplicated SKUs / Running a SKU Report
Checking for Missing or Duplicated SKUs / Running a SKU Report

Learn how to use a spreadsheet to check your SKUs and identify any that need attention before you activate stock management

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As part of your preparation for activating stock management in ChannelGrabber, you may wish to check your SKUs in bulk, to identify any potential problem areas.  You should check that all your products have a unique SKU, and that there are no missing or duplicated SKUs (unless the same item is listed more than once, in which case it's fine for that SKU to be duplicated wherever the item is listed).


Important Note

We advise to ensure that all the products that you want ChannelGrabber to stock manage are imported before you follow this process.  Please see separate guide on Importing Existing Listings From Your Marketplaces


1. Navigate to the main Products page:


2.  Click the "Download All Products" link to generate a CSV spreadsheet of all of your SKUs that have been imported into ChannelGrabber:


3.  Open the downloaded file then select and copy the first three columns:  SKU, Title and Qty:


4.  Open our public-facing SKU Report Template then go to File > Download As, then save this as a file on your PC:

Once saved, paste your data into the first three columns of the SKU Report template:


5.  Extend the formula from the first cell (which is "=COUNTIF(A:A,A2)" ) in the "SKU Count" column all the way down the list of your SKUs - this will tell you how many time each SKU appears in the spreadsheet.


  • A zero means the item is missing a SKU or parent SKU, so the SKU will need to be added on the channel(s) directly and the product will need to be re-imported into ChannelGrabber.  If the item is listed on more than one channel, then the SKU must match across all channels.

  • A “1” shows that there is one unique SKU – this is what you should be aiming for.

  • A red ”2” or higher shows that there is more than one occurrence of a SKU – this may be because the same product is listed multiple times, in which case, as long as the quantities are the same, then this is OK.  However, if two or more different products have the same SKU, then ChannelGrabber will not be able to manage the stock accurately, so you would need to go back to your channels directly and change the SKUs to make sure that every different product has a unique SKU.


 If you have any missing or duplicated SKUs, then use this data in conjunction with our guide on Adding or Amending SKUs on eBay to ensure that all of your products have SKUs.  You will then need to delete the products from ChannelGrabber (see guide on Removing Products and Listings from ChannelGrabber) and then re-import them back in (see guide on Importing Existing Listings From Your Marketplaces) to refresh the SKUs in ChannelGrabber.


Once you are satisfied that your SKUs are in good shape, you can proceed to check/update your stock levels in ChannelGrabber as needed, then activate your stock management in ChannelGrabber - see guide on Activating Stock Management.

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