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Learn how to apply stock alerts to your products so that you can re-order more stock before it runs out

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ChannelGrabber offers the facility to add a stock alert level to each product and variation.

Once you have added a stock alert level to a product, ChannelGrabber can warn you when your product’s stock level falls to or below that alert level, thereby giving you time to re-order the product from your supplier and avoid the item going out of stock and listings being paused or ended.


Adding a Stock Alert Level Manually

 1.  Navigate to your Products page:


2.  Click on the Product Name for the item you want to add the stock alert level to then click on the Stock tab within the general product info section:


3.  Enter your Stock Alert Level, which will auto-save when you go back out of the product:


4.  If you have a variation product, click onto the Variations tab on the left, then you will be able to enter a different Stock Alert Level for each variation by using the padlock icons at the end of the rows to edit and save each variation.


Adding Stock Alert Levels in Bulk (via Data Exchange)

1.  On your Products page, click the Download All Products link to download a CSV file of all of your SKUs from ChannelGrabber, along with the Title and current stock Quantity, as well as Barcode, Supplier and Cost Price:


2.  In your spreadsheet, remove any unnecessary columns.  You need to keep the SKU column (and the Parent SKU column if you have variation products), and you can keep the title if it helps you identify each product.  Then add a new column for the Stock Alert Level.


3.  Enter an alert level for each product as required, then save your file in CSV (Comma delimited) format:


4.  Hover over the Products button, then from the submenu, select Data Exchange, then select the Listings tab:


5.  From the Imports tab, click the Choose File button to select the CSV file you just saved, then click Upload:


6.  Once your file is uploaded, you now need to map the data columns from your spreadsheet (left drop-down) to the relevant fields in ChannelGrabber (right drop-down).  In this case, you only need to map the SKU, Parent SKU and the Stock Alert Level (you don’t need the title or any other product info unless you want to update that at the same time).  Use the Add Row button to add your second row to the mapping section:


7.  Once your mapping is done, click the Generate button to start the data importing into ChannelGrabber.  A progress box will appear to show you how many rows are processed and how many are left as it goes along:


8.  Once the file has been processed, you will be able to find your new stock alert levels within the Stock tab in the General section of your products, or within the Variations tab:


Viewing Stock Alerts in ChannelGrabber

Once you have added your stock alerts to your products, from then on, whenever an item reaches or dips below the stock alert level, ChannelGrabber will warn you.  Navigate to your ChannelGrabber Dashboard by clicking the Home button:

Here you will be able to view the number of products that you have that are at or below their stock alert level:


Downloading a Stock Alert Report

Once you know that you have items at their stock alert level, you can click on the Products button to go to the Products page, then click the Stock Alert link to download a Stock Alert Report spreadsheet:


The spreadsheet will show you the SKU, Title and Quantity of all the items that are at or below their alert level, along with what the alert level is.  If you have completed the relevant data fields in ChannelGrabber for your products, then the report will also show you the Barcode, Supplier and Cost Price of each item, to make it simpler for you to re-order the items from your supplier if necessary:


We hope this guide is useful, but if you require further assistance please feel free to contact the Support Team.

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