Fixed Stock Levels

Learn about how Fixed Stock Levels can help you sell more on your channels and how to apply them in ChannelGrabber Classic

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You will need to ask a member of our Support Team to enable this feature before you can start using it.  Please email to ask for Fixed Stock Levels to be enabled.


Please read before you apply any fixed stock levels

  • The fixed stock level feature is only compatible with eBay and Amazon.

  • Your stock management needs to be live in ChannelGrabber before the fixed stock levels will take effect (see guide on Activating Stock Management).

  • You will need to choose whether you want your fixed stock levels to be pushed to both eBay and Amazon, or just one or the other.

To decide which channels you want the fixed stock levels applied to, please navigate to Settings > Advanced > Product Settings, find the Fixed Stock Level Management section, and tick either eBay or Amazon or both:

As standard, the fixed stock level will always be pushed out to your selected channel(s), even if the quantity in ChannelGrabber is zero.  This means that if you can quickly re-order stock or ship from supplier, then you can continue to sell your products even if you have no stock left yourself. 

If you want fixed stock levels to stop taking effect once the real stock level is below the fixed stock level (eg. ending your listings when you reach zero stock) then this can be enabled, by ticking the options for "When stock reaches Fixed Stock level, send Actual Stock to eBay/Amazon": 


Applying Fixed Stock Levels to your Products

1.  Click into the Product Name of the item that you want to add the fixed stock level to.  This will open up the General tab for that product.

2.  Tick the Fixed Stock Level box and enter the stock level that you want to be consistently pushed out to your channels.  The minimum fixed stock level that we recommend you enter is 2:

3.  If your product has variations, you can add different fixed stock levels to each variation individually.  To do this, once you have ticked the Fixed Stock Level box on the General tab, go to the Variations tab and click the top right padlock to unlock your variations for editing:


4.  Ticking the Fixed Stock Level box will have added an additional column to your variations table, so you can simply populate this field for each individual variation’s fixed stock level, then click the padlock again to save your changes:


5.  This will apply the fixed stock level in ChannelGrabber, which will be updated on your channel(s) the next time a stock push is made (usually when you receive an order for that product or make a revision to the listing).  If you would like us to do a full stock push for you to update all your listings at once, then please see our separate guide on Triggering a Stock Sync (Stock Push)

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