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Adding or Amending SKUs on eBay
Adding or Amending SKUs on eBay

Learn how to add SKUs to your products and variations or to edit them on eBay

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For correct stock management, you will need to make sure that all your ebay items have SKUs and if it is a variation item, it will need to have a parent SKU (eg. ladies_shoe) and then each variation will need its own SKU (eg. ladies_shoe_size6, ladies_shoe_size7 etc). The SKU needs to go into the eBay Custom Label field. Please refer to the "Understanding SKUs" guide for more detail on SKUs.


Important Note

To access the Custom Label field, you will need to be subscribed to eBay’s free Selling Manager tool, which you can access here:


To add/amend SKUs on your eBay items you need to do the following:


1. Log in to your eBay account

2. Click "My eBay" and then select “Selling”:


3. Once on your Active Listings screen, you need to click the blue "Customise" link just above the listings table and on the right hand side of the screen:


4. Select "Custom label" and then click Apply:


5. You will now see a column called Custom label with an "Add" link next to each product:


6. Click the "Add" link for each listing you would like to add a SKU to, type the SKU and then click Save.  This adds a SKU to a single item, or a parent SKU to a variation item:


For variation listings:

1. Click to Revise the listing:


2. Click on the "Add/Edit Variations" link that is near the top of the revise listing page:


 3. Continue past the first two pages without making changes, until you get to the page labelled “3. Review your Variations” and you will see the Custom Label (SKU) column for your variations.  Copy or type the SKU you would like to use for the variation(s) inside the Custom Label field:  


4.  Once you have added your SKUs, continue through the next couple of pages then click the Save button on the bottom of the fifth page.


When you have added all your SKUs, your products can be deleted from ChannelGrabber (see guide on Removing Products and Listings from ChannelGrabber) and then re-imported back in (please see separate Unimported Listings guide) with the newly added SKUs.

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