Listing a Product to Magento

Learn how to create a Magento webstore listing on ChannelGrabber Classic

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1.  First you will need to create the product, by following one of these guides:


2.  Once the product itself is ready, proceed to the Listings tab on the left:


3.  Create a listing profile for Magento, by entering a Profile Name, then selecting the Channel and Account options as Magento, then clicking the green + button on the left of the profile line:


4.  Click the Edit button on the Magento listing profile to “enter” the listing and start editing it:


5.  From the QuickLoad bar at the very top of the page, select the “General” option, then after a second or two, any existing info such as title, price, description etc with be automatically loaded into the relevant fields within the Magento listing:


6.  You now need to “fill in the gaps” by entering/selecting the rest of the relevant information for the Magento listing, such as Category, Attribute Set, Tax Class, and if you have more than one Magento website connected to ChannelGrabber, you will also be able to select which site to list to from the Website drop-down.  If you only have one integration then this can be ignored:


Important Note 

If this is the first time listing to Magento from ChannelGrabber then you may find that you cannot select attribute sets or you may get an error back relating to attribute sets.  Simply contact our support team on if this is the case, and they will work with you to import the relevant attribute sets from your Magento store (this is the trickiest part of the integration so may need some trial and error before the attributes are all set up and working).


Once you have completed the first “Information” tab, you can work through the rest of the tabs at the top of the page.


7.  On the Description tab, your main description text will have been quickloaded in (assuming you entered one on the General product tab), so you can now choose to format it further and add a “Teaser” description for Magento too if you wish:


8.  If you are listing a Variation product, then you will need to enter the Price for each variation (you can leave the images blank as Magento will just use the main listing images).  To do this, click on the padlock at the top right corner of the variations table to “unlock” all variations for editing, then you can enter the prices specifically to each separate variation as needed:

Click the same padlock again to Save your changes before you move on.

9.  There may be an “Attributes” tab but this will be blank, so don’t worry that you don’t see any information here:


10.  On the Images tab, you can specify which of the images you previously imported is the main listing image, and which ones are secondary images:


11.  Lastly, once the images are set and you are happy with the listing content, you can click the Submit button at the top of the page to send the finished listing through to Magento:


We hope this guide is useful but if you do receive any listing errors or need further guidance, please feel free to contact our Support Team

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