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Removing Products and Listings from ChannelGrabber
Removing Products and Listings from ChannelGrabber

Learn how to delete an entire product or just a single listing, individually or in bulk

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It is possible to remove products and listings from ChannelGrabber, without affecting/ending the listings on the channels themselves.  You might want to do this if you have made a change on the channel directly, for example to a SKU or listing description etc. and therefore need to update the item in ChannelGrabber, or you may just wish to remove listings from a certain channel with a certain status, eg. removing inactive eBay listings from ChannelGrabber.

Whatever your reason for wanting to remove products and listings from ChannelGrabber, there are two options:

Remove individual products

1.  To remove a specific product or set of products from ChannelGrabber, navigate to the main Products page:


2.  Use the tick boxes to the left of the SKUs in the Products table to select the product that you want to remove, or select the top tick box in the table header row to select all products on the current page:


3.  Once you have selected all the necessary products, click the “Bulk” drop-down menu at the top left of the page, and select the Delete option, then click the Go button:


4.  A security check will pop up to check that you definitely want to delete the selected products, and to confirm that this will not end the listings on the channel(s) directly.  Click the OK button and the products will then be deleted (the time this will take varies depending on how many you have



Remove multiple listings and/or products in bulk

Navigate to Settings – Advanced – Product Settings:


The red Remove Products button, issues a command to ChannelGrabber to completely wipe all products and listings from your main Products page. This is not reversible once clicked, so please use with caution!  Once clicked, your delete request is added to a queue in the database, and the “Last added to queue” section will confirm when you added the request.  Under that, you will see the status of the request, eg. Removed:  “Yes” or “No”:


In the Remove Listings section, you can choose to purge any listings from ChannelGrabber, but without removing the actual SKUs and product data, so the products will remain in your main Products page in ChannelGrabber, but the listings content will be removed (this does not end listings on the channels directly).  You might do this if you have made content changes to the listings on the channel directly, and need to update them in ChannelGrabber, or to remove multiple error listings for example, but want to retain the general product data in ChannelGrabber for re-using again in future.

First, click on the Account drop-down menu to select which account you want to remove listings for (eg. eBay or Amazon) and once you have selected an account, from the Status drop-down, select the listing status of the ones you want removed (eg. Inactive, Error, Paused etc.).  Please note that the number in brackets is not the number of listings that you have with that status, but simply an internal system reference in ChannelGrabber, so pay no notice to those.  Once you are happy with your selection, click the Go button to process this request:


Please exercise caution when using either of these features, as once the action is applied, it cannot be un-done.


After you have removed the products and/or listings from ChannelGrabber, if you need to re-import them from your channels (assuming that they are active on the channels), please see our separate guide on Importing Existing Listings From Your Marketplaces



We hope this guide is useful, but if you need any further help or advice on using these features, please feel free to contact the Support Team.

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