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Duplicate a Listing (for the same product)
Duplicate a Listing (for the same product)

Learn how to use a current listing and duplicate it to create a starting point for a second listing for the same product

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Once you have listed a product to one account on a marketplace, you may wish to duplicate that exact listing and send it to another account on the same marketplace, for example if you have more than one ebay store, and want to sell the same item on all of them. 

Please ensure you adhere to each channel’s terms of use when using this feature.


1.  First, go to the Listings tab within the product you want to list:


2.  Create the first listing if one doesn’t already exist (see separate guides on listing products to ebay and Amazon for more detail on this process) or if there is already an existing listing, you will see a Duplicate button at the end of the listing profile line:


3.  Click the Duplicate button on the profile you want to re-list, and a pop-up box will allow you to add a new Profile Name (to help identify the profile or account you are listing to) and select which account you want to list on. Next click Save and a new listing profile will be generated:


4.  Click the Edit button on the new profile, which will take you into the channel-specific listing editor.  All the same information from the source listing will be completed.  If nothing needs to be changed, you can simply click the Submit button to send the listing to the channel straight away.  If any alterations need to be made before the listing is submitted, do that first, then Submit it.


We hope this guide is useful, but if you need further assistance, please call the Support Team

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