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Duplicate a Product / Sell Similar
Duplicate a Product / Sell Similar

Learn how to speed up your listing process by using a similar product as a starting point for a new product/listing

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ChannelGrabber has a Duplicate Product feature, which allows you to create a product and listing(s) and then duplicate all the information onto a new product, to make it easier to list similar products quickly and efficiently.


1.  Navigate to the Products page:


2.  Locate the product you wish to duplicate, and select it with the tick box to the left of the SKU:


3.  From the Bulk actions menu at the top, left of the page, select Duplicate Product then click the Go button:


4.  ChannelGrabber will duplicate every field and listing detail onto a new product, and will add a precursor such as “DUP01-“ to the SKU and Title, to make sure you don’t end up with lots of products with the same SKU and title:


5.  Click onto the duplicated product name to access the general product info for the item.  Here you can give the product a new (unique) SKU and amend any details that need changing for the new product, such as title, quantity, description, barcode, etc. 

As you click through the different tabs, all the data from the source product will be the same, so amend things like prices, stock locations, images etc. as needed.


6.  Finally, on the Listings tab, your previous listing profile(s) for the source item will also have been duplicated, so click Edit on each listing profile to amend any fields within the listing as necessary, then you can submit the amended listing(s) to the channel(s).



We hope this guide is useful but if you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact the Support Team.

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