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Learn how to set up and save shipping templates for when you're listing to eBay via ChannelGrabber Classic

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Ebay shipping templates can be created in ChannelGrabber to save time when creating new ebay listings.  You can add multiple different shipping services and prices then save this in order to quick-load it for any future listings that will feature the same or similar postage options for your customers.


1.  Go to the Listings tab within one of your products that is listed on eBay, or create a new/test listing for eBay if you do not yet have any listings on eBay, then click on the Edit link:


2.  Once inside the eBay listing editor, go to the Shipping tab:


3.  On the Shipping tab, you can set the number of days you take to dispatch an order as well as adding both Domestic and International shipping options.  Start with Domestic, by clicking the Add More button on the right hand side of the page:


4.  Each time you click Add More this will create a new row for you to add shipping services and costs to, very similar to how you would do this on eBay.  Leaving the cost as 0.00 indicates free shipping.  You can add both a main postage cost and an additional item cost for if the customer orders more than one of the same item:


5.  Once you have added your Domestic options, you can also add international options in the same way, but as well as the shipping service, postage cost and additional item cost, you will also need to select a region that this rule applies to, for example Europe or Worldwide:


6.  Once you have added all the necessary rules, you can now save this as a Shipping Template, which will mean you can select it from the QuickLoad bar in future, to save having to enter this same information for other new eBay listings.  Directly above the Add More buttons, in the dark grey bar, is a Save As Template button:


7.  Give your template a name for future reference and save it:

8.  From now on when you are creating a new listing, instead of having to create all these rules again, you can just go to your QuickLoad bar at the top of the page, and from the Shipping drop-down menu you will be able to select your template and all your shipping services and prices will be loaded in:



You can create as many different Shipping Templates in ChannelGrabber as you like, so if you wanted different templates for different types of items for example, then that will be no problem – just repeat this process with your additional sets of shipping details and save them as new templates with different names.


If you ever need to remove a Shipping Template, this can be done by navigating to Settings – Templates – eBay Shipping Templates where you will find a list of all the templates you have created.  Simply click the red cross (X) button next the one(s) you want to remove.



We hope this guide is helpful, but if you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team

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