Amazon Browse Nodes Guide

Learn how to find the relevant browse node(s) for listing your products to Amazon using a barcode (EAN, UPC, ISBN)

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ChannelGrabber supports the use of browse nodes when listing a product to Amazon.  Browse nodes are important so that your customers can search under main categories such as Clothing and Consumer Electronics to find your products.


To add browse nodes to your Amazon listing in ChannelGrabber, please follow these steps:

 1.  Go to Settings → Marketplaces → Amazon Browse Node File List, which will give you a list of the different master files for each main category on Amazon UK:


2.  Click onto the heading for your desired category and this will download a spreadsheet in your browser. 

 2.1)  The first tab that opens will contain the relevant instructions from Amazon:

 2.2)  The second tab contains a full list of the browse node codes themselves:


3.  Locate the desired browse node to fit your item’s full category progression, eg. “Clothing/Women/Nightwear/Onesies”.  You can choose up to two separate browse nodes per item.


4.  When you have selected the relevant browse node(s) for your product you can use these in the ChannelGrabber Amazon listing tool.  Follow the usual listing process to create a new product on Amazon (see separate guide), then on the “Information” tab in the Amazon listing tool, you will see there are two fields for Browse Node 1 and Browse Node 2.  Simply copy the relevant browse node code from the spreadsheet and paste it into the field(s) in the listing tool:


5.  Complete and Submit your Amazon listing as you usually would, and when the listing goes through to Amazon it will include your selected browse nodes to help your customers to locate your products more easily.

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