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Listing a New Product to Amazon (no existing ASIN)
Listing a New Product to Amazon (no existing ASIN)

Learn how to list a single or variation product as a new listing on Amazon using the barcode (EAN, UPC, ISBN)

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This guide will cover the process to list a product to Amazon from ChannelGrabber, assuming that you have already created the product itself in the system (see separate guide on Creating a New Single Product or Creating a New Variation Product if you have not yet got a product set up to list).


  1.  From the main Products page click on the name of the item you want to list to Amazon.  This will take you to the General tab for this item.  Click onto the Listings tab on the navigation column on the left:

2.  a)  First you need to create the basic listing profile, by entering a Profile Name (for your reference to identify the channel – this could be the channel name, or account name etc.) then selecting the Channel and Account from the drop-down menus.  This is so ChannelGrabber knows which marketplace and account to send the listing to, as many of our users have more than one account on each marketplace or multiple listings of the same item on one marketplace:


b)  Once you have created the listing profile, click the green Add (+) button to the left:


c)  This will create the new listing profile and you can then click on the Edit link on the right to go in and start adding more content to the listing:


3.  Once “inside” the listing profile, you will be able to see several empty fields and several tabs for different sections of the listing:


4.  To pull in your general product info that you already added, go to the QuickLoad bar at the top of the page and select General from the Info drop-down menu.  You do NOT need to click on Submit (this will submit an incomplete listing to Amazon if you click it at this stage):


5.  You can set/change the Condition and add a Condition Note if applicable, then check that your price has been pulled in, or if you didn’t enter a price in the General tab of the product, you can enter a price now, and also make sure that you have selected a number from the Fulfilment Latency drop-down (this is your handling time, so “0” means same day dispatch, “1” means next day dispatch etc.):


6.  You will see that “Find it on Amazon / List to an existing ASIN” is the default option that is selected near the bottom of the page, so change that so that “Create a new product” is selected instead. This will open up new fields so that you can fill in more details about your product.

7.  First, if your item is a single product, check that the barcode has been pulled through from your general info section, or if you didn’t enter one, you can enter it here now.  If it is a variation product, leave this black as you can add individual barcodes for each variation later.  You can also specify the Barcode Type from the drop-down menu:


8.  Next, choose your main category for Amazon from the Category 1 drop-down menu.  If applicable, you can also select a Category 2:


9.  Once you have selected a category 1, if Amazon have Prioritised Item Specifics for that category, they will automatically load onto the right hand side of the page for you to add (if you complete the Prioritised Item Specifics, then usually you won’t need to fill anything else in on the separate Specifics tab):


Important Note:  if it’s a variation product and any of the item specifics are the same as your variation themes, leave them blank, as you will be able to fill those out per variation later.


10.  Your Manufacturer and Brand will have been QuickLoaded from the General info section, or if you didn’t enter them, you can enter them here now.  You can also enter a Part Number if applicable:


11.  Using the reference section in Settings > Marketplaces > Amazon Browse Node File List, you can obtain the browse node ID for your chosen category and sub-categories, then copy and paste it into the Browse Node 1 field.  If there is a second browse node that is relevant for your product, you can add the node ID to the Browse Node 2 field (see separate guide on Browse Nodes for more help with this):


12.  Use the Add Additional Bullet button to create up to five separate bullet point fields for your product.  These appear right at the top of the listing on Amazon so they are key to helping your product stand out and sell well:


13.  If relevant, complete the Items Per Package and Number of Items fields (these are not compulsory):


14.  Move onto the Specifics tab once you have completed as much as possible on the Information tab.  If you want to add even more detail about your product, you can do it here.  The specifics on this tab load according to the category 1 you have chosen, but if you have already completed the Prioritised Item Specifics, you probably won’t need to add any more on this tab:


15.  On the Description tab, your general product description will have been QuickLoaded in, or if you didn’t enter one, you can add it now:

Top Tip:  Why not check out our blog post on How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell Like Crazy


16.  If your product is a single item you can skip the Variations tab, but if you have variants, you will need to complete it.

a)  First, select the Variation Theme drop-down menu, and select the most relevant theme for your product (this will load different themes based on the category 1 that you chose previously).  If you have both colour and size variations for example, you can select the “SizeColour” theme and both columns will then load into your variation table, where they can be QuickLoaded in from your general product info:


b)  If all your variations have the same price, you can click on the grey padlock in the All SKUs row to open one Price field, then once you have entered your price, click the padlock again to apply the same price to all variations:


c)  If all your variations are going to have varying prices, then you can click the padlock in the very top right of the table to unlock all rows for editing.  You can also use this method for adding different barcodes and secondary images (where applicable) to each variation.  Click the padlock again once you are done adding barcodes to save your changes and “lock” the table back up again:


17.  On the Misc tab, you can enter any additional search terms/key words and phrases to help your items be found in more searches by your customers.

Important Update:  Due to changes from Amazon's side you should only use the Search Term 1 field to enter your search terms.  You can enter more than one search word/term simply by separating each one with a comma and a space eg:

"Ladies Trainers, Running Shows, Track and field trainers, shock absorbing trainers, sports trainers".

Please DO NOT enter anything into the Search Term 2-5 fields:


18.  You can now click onto the Images tab.  Select your Primary Image from the drop-down menu then tick into any images that you want to use as Secondary Images and ChannelGrabber will show you previews:


19.  Finally, you can go to the top of the page and click the Submit button to send your listing to Amazon:


Once you have clicked Submit, a banner will appear at the top of the page to confirm that it is processing.  Amazon only collect data from ChannelGrabber every 15-20 minutes or so, so you may find it takes a while to go through to Amazon and receive a status back.


While it is processing you will see an amber “Pending” icon in the status column of the Listing or Products page.  Once it goes through successfully to Amazon, this will update to a green “Active” icon, or if there is an error on the listing, you will receive the red “Error” icon.


If you receive an error, you can return to the Amazon listing profile and click Edit, then the banner at the top of the page will display the error message from Amazon.  If it is clear what you need to change, then please make any changes and re-submit the listing.  If you are unsure what the error message means (sometimes they are very detailed) then you can contact our Support Team using the Intercom chat icon and they will be able to advise on the best way to resolve the error.


Sometimes you may need to remove the listing from Amazon altogether, then try re-listing after 24 hours.  If that is the case, you can click the Delete from Amazon button at the top of the page and this will remove all trace of the item form your Amazon inventory within 24 hours.  You can then make any changes to the listing that are needed and re-submit after 24 hours.



We hope this guide is helpful, but if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact the Support Team.

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