Creating a Variation Bundle

Learn how to create a bundle where each variation is linked to multiple component products

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This guide will walk you through setting up Variation Bundles in ChannelGrabber.

A Bundle is designed for products that can be sold individually or combined together as a kit. The purpose of a Bundle in ChannelGrabber is to link these individual products together for stock management purposes, so that when the individual item sells, the Bundle stock level also updates and when a Bundle sells, all component product stock levels update too.  

There are two types of Bundle:

  • a simple bundle, where your customer will only see one option on the listing, but ChannelGrabber will know that it is a bundle

  • a variation bundle, where your customer will see multiple options to choose from on the listing, and each variation is a separate bundle

This guide deals with variation bundles.  Please see separate guide for simple bundles.

Important Note

The individual products that form the Bundle must already exist in ChannelGrabber with their own unique SKU, even if they are not active listings, before they can be added into a Bundle.

1.      Add the Bundle identity first

On your Products page, enter a new SKU and Product Name for your Bundle, then change the “Simple” option from the dropdown menu to “Bundle” (this will obscure the quantity box, because the quantity available will be defined by the quantities of the component products that make up the Bundle) then click the Add Product (+) button on the left:


2.      Create the Bundle listing

The majority of the listing process is the same for a Bundle as is it for a standard product, so you complete the General, Images and Listings tabs as normal.  In addition to the usual tabs on the left, there will be a “Child Products” tab.  Click on this to start setting up the Variations and Options for your Bundle:


3.      Add bundle variants

(a)  To start adding the Bundle variants, click on the Add Variant button (+) on the right, then enter the name of the theme, eg. “Chair Colour” and click the Add (+) button again:

(b)  The variant will then appear as a button on the right hand side.  Click this button and a further button will appear for “Add Option” on the right hand side:


4.      Add variation options

To start adding the variation options, click on the Add Option button (+) on the right, then enter the name of the option, eg. “Black Leather”, and click the Add (+) button again.  This will show each option below the variant as you create it:


If you need to create multiple variants, simply repeat steps 3 and 4 for each new variant and set of options.


5.      Search for component products

Once you have added all of your variants and options, you can now search for the component products and assign them to the correct variation.  In the “Product Search” bar near the top of the page, enter a product name or SKU and click Go.  This will then display a list of all products that match that search:


6.      Allocate products to create new variations

In this example, there are going to be four variations, one for each chair colour, but the Dining Table will be included in all of them, so you would need to create the four variations for the chair colours first, then you can add the table to all of them at once.

(a) Find the first product you want to add and click on the green ADD button.  This will then give you the choice to add “To All” or “To New Variation” – click “To New Variation”.  This will create a new Variation Product further down the screen:

(b)  Repeat this three more times with the other chair colours to create four variations – one for each colour (as below).  Now find the dining table, click ADD then choose “To All” and this will add the dining table to each variation to save you having to do it one by one:  


7.      Complete information for each variation

Now that you have the correct Bundle variation structure, you need to amend the SKUs and quantities and add the correct chair colour option to each one.

(a)  First over-type the automatically generated SKU on the left with your own unique SKU for that Bundle variation:

(b)  Next, from the option (“Chair Colour”) drop down menu on the right, choose the correct option for that particular variation:

(c)  Finally, if necessary, amend the quantity of each of the component products:

(d)  Repeat this process for each variation so that all products and options are properly mapped:


8.      Submit the Bundle listing

When you have set the Bundle variations up completely, you can continue the listing process as with a normal variation product.  You will see that the Variations tab appears just like a normal variation product and the Bundle will look no different on your channels than a normal variation listing, but the stock will be linked to the stock of the component products in ChannelGrabber, so when a Bundle variation is ordered, the stock of the component products will be updated, and in the same way, when one of the individual component products is ordered, this will update the quantity available of the relevant Bundle variation(s).


9.      Identifying a variation Bundle in ChannelGrabber

The Variation Bundle will appear on your main Products page, with a “B” and a “+”on the left to show that it is a Bundle with variations, and the quantity of the Bundle variations will be defined by the lowest quantity available of the component products.    

You can click on the “+” under the “B” and the Bundle variations and stock quantities will be displayed:    


Important Note

If a component product runs out of stock, or there is less stock available than is needed to make up the Bundle, then the Bundle listing will show as out of stock and the listing will be paused or ended on your channels to reduce the risk of overselling.  When a component product is re-stocked in ChannelGrabber, this will automatically update the Bundle stock.



We hope this guide is helpful, but please feel free to contact our Support Team if you require further assistance.

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