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Bulk Stock & Price Updates via Data Exchange
Bulk Stock & Price Updates via Data Exchange

Learn how to update stock levels and/or prices on your products and listings in bulk using CSV spreadsheets

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You can use the ChannelGrabber Data Exchange in order to update stock levels and prices in bulk from a CSV file, rather than manually going through each product to change the stock. 


 Important Note

 Stock and prices can only be updated in bulk for items that have SKUs


To make bulk changes to your stock levels and prices, you need to do the following:


1.  Hover over the Products button in the navigation bar and from the sub-menu, select Data Exchange:


2.  In the grey bar on the right, click Stock:


3.  Once on the Stock tab, you need to click the “Download CSV Template” link, which will create a CSV file called “DeliveryImport.csv” in the format that ChannelGrabber requires for a bulk stock import.  Open this file on your computer:


Important Note

You will see that there are multiple columns in the DeliveryImport.csv template.  You do not need to fill in anything other than the SKU and QTY CHANGE columns if you are only doing a stock update without prices, but please leave the other headings in the template and do not change or delete them.  If you are updating prices, then the other column headers relate to each specfic channel.


4.  In the SKU column, please enter the item or variation SKU that you want to update stock for.  A full list of all SKUs can be downloaded from ChannelGrabber too – simply click on the blue “Download All Products” link on the main Products page, then copy the entire SKU column into the SKU column on your DeliveryImport.csv file:


5.  In the QTY CHANGE column in your DeliveryImport.csv, enter the new stock quantity if you want ChannelGrabber to replace the existing stock quantity OR you can enter the number of new stock to add to the existing stock quantity in ChannelGrabber if your import is to add new stock (from a supplier delivery for example).  Alternatively you can enter the number of stock to reduce your existing stock levels by as a third option.  As previously mentioned, please do not change or delete any of the column headers:


If you are updating prices at the same time, simply enter the price you want to update to on the channel under the relevant column header ("Bin" is the column for the eBay Buy It Now price and the other columns are for each Amazon site).  Remember that it will need to be in the local currency for that site, so for AmazonUK you would enter the price in GBP, but for AmazonDE (Germany) for example, you would need to enter the price in Euros.  No currency symbols are needed so please simply enter the price as a decimal number, eg. 9.99 in the spreadsheet would become £9.99 on AmazonUK or €9.99 on AmazonDE etc.

If you are updating prices on a channel that is not included in the basic template, you can simply create a new column, with the header as "Amazon" directly followed by the 2 digit country code, for example "AmazonUS" for Amazon USA, "AmazonCA" for Amazon Canada, "AmazonMX" for Amazon Mexico or "AmazonJP" for Amazon Japan.  


Please note that ChannelGrabber cannot be used to update prices on any other channels such as webstores, this will only work for eBay and Amazon.


6.  Once your spreadsheet is complete, please make sure it is saved in CSV (Comma Delimited) format.  Now you are ready to upload your file.  Go to the Stock tab within Products - Data Exchange, then click the Browse button to locate the file on your computer:


7.  On the “Type of Import” dropdown menu there are three options, which allows you to define the type of import you want to do.

  • To completely replace the existing quantities and prices in ChannelGrabber with those in your spreadsheet, please select Stock Reconciliation

  • To add the quantities in your spreadsheet to the existing quantities in ChannelGrabber, please select Delivery Import

  • To subtract the quantities in your spreadsheet from the existing quantities in ChannelGrabber, please select Stock Out 


If you have the FBA integration as part of your ChannelGrabber subscription, then you will see two additional fields:

  • Stock Location Reconciliation - Merchant

  • Stock Location Reconciliation - FBA

If updating/replacing your merchant stock quantities with those in your file, you should choose the "Stock Location Reconciliation - Merchant" option.

For updating prices alone, ensure that either Delivery Import or Stock Out is used with a quantity of 0 specified for each row. (It is important that you do NOT do this using Stock Reconciliation as doing so would wipe your stock levels)

8.  When you have made your selection to set the Type of Import, please click the Upload button, and a progress box will appear above the Stock tab to show updates on the success of your upload.  Once this is complete, it will show how many rows from your spreadsheet were successfully uploaded to ChannelGrabber:


9.  If you do encounter any errors with your upload, please go to the History tab in the gray bar and you will see a list of all your Data Exchange transactions.  If there was a problem, you will see a red “Download” link in the Error Report column.  Click this to see what the errors were and then you can correct them and go back to step 6 to repeat the import again:


We hope this is a helpful guide, but if you need extra assistance, please contact our Support Team.

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