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Exporting Orders via Data Exchange
Exporting Orders via Data Exchange

Learn how to create data mapping templates and export order data to a CSV spreadsheet

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ChannelGrabber has an Orders Data Exchange feature, which allows order data to be exported from ChannelGrabber into a spreadsheet, for purposes outside the system such as accounting, sales reporting or marketing.


Important Note

The Orders Data Exchange can be used to EXPORT data, but nothing can be imported through the Orders Data Exchange.


1.  In your ChannelGrabber account, hover over the Orders button in the top navigation bar and from the sub-menu, select Data Exchange:


2.  The first task is to “tell” ChannelGrabber which fields you want to export and what you would like them to be called in the exported file, which is done via data mapping.

  2.1)  From the left hand drop-down box, select the first field that you want to export from ChannelGrabber.  This can be saved as a template later but the order cannot be changed later, so please make sure you do the data mapping in the most useful order for yourself right from the start:


 2.2)  In the right hand blank field, you need to type in the header for the associated column in your exported file.  It is usually advisable to just call it the same as the field is called in ChannelGrabber, but if you need a specific column header, you can type in whatever you need:


 2.3)  Click the Add Row button on the left above the data mapping section to add as many rows as you like for additional data mapping, until you have mapped all the necessary fields:


3.  Save your data mapping as a template for future use, so that you don’t have to repeat this whole process every time you want to export the same structured file.  On the right of the page, click on the Template button then name and save your template for future use.  From now on you will find your saved templates in the Loaddrop-down menu:


4.  Once you have finished the mapping and saved your template, please select the date ranges for the data you want to export, and equally importantly, choose the order that you want the data arranged from the “by” drop-down menu:


5.  Finally, click the Generate button to start the file being processed by ChannelGrabber.  The amount of time this takes will vary dependant on the amount of data you have selected, but once it has finished, a Download link will appear which you can click to export the CSV file to your computer:


We hope this guide is useful, but if you need further guidance please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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