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Uploading Tracking Numbers via CSV
Uploading Tracking Numbers via CSV

Learn how to import tracking numbers in bulk from a spreadsheet and mark tracked orders as Dispatched

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Using the Upload Tracking Numbers page, you are able to assign tracking numbers to your orders in bulk by uploading a CSV (spreadsheet) file.
Please make sure the order is not already dispatched otherwise the tracking number will not send to the channel. If it is already dispatched then make sure the option of "Mark Imported Orders as Dispatched" is turned on when uploading the CSV to trigger a re-dispatch with the tracking number.

1.  Hover over the Orders icon at the top of your ChannelGrabber page and select Upload Tracking Numbers from the sub-menu:

2.  You will be re-directed to a new interface, where you can Download a CSV Template which will show you how your CSV file will need to be laid out in order to import your tracking numbers:

3.  The CSV should have 3 columns on it. From left to right these should be “OrderID”, “Carrier” and “Tracking Number”.

a)  In the “OrderID” column you should enter the Order ID that you can find on your ChannelGrabber Orders page (for an eBay order, you only need the first part of the Order ID, before the Sales Record Number, for example, if your eBay Order ID is “1448089530001 – 131”. Then you only need to input “1448089530001” in to the Order ID column).

b)  In the “Carrier” column you should put the tracking carrier name. You are restricted to a selection of valid values for this field which are outlined at the end of this article.

c)  Finally, in the “Tracking Number” column, you should put the tracking numbers from your couriers:

4.  If you would like to mark your orders as dispatched at the same time as assigning the tracking numbers in bulk, please ensure that “Mark Imported Orders as Dispatched” option is set to 'On'. Otherwise, set it to off if you want to mark them as dispatched manually at a later point.

5.  Once you have created your CSV file (make sure to save it as “CSV (Comma delimited)” format), return to ChannelGrabber and click on the Choose CSV button in the top left hand corner of the Order Tracking Numbers interface, select the file you have just made and then click on the Upload button (which will appear after you have selected the CSV) to process the selected CSV file:


Valid Values for the CSV “Carrier” Column

The table below contains the values that you may use in the tracking carrier column for each channel. If you try to use tracking carriers which are not valid for a given channel, you will get an error and that particular row will not process. It may still be possible to add these tracking numbers manually in the main Orders page though.

We hope this guide is useful, but if you require further assistance, please feel free to contact the Support Team.

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