Order Flagging

Create and apply coloured "flags" to help you identify and filter certain orders more easily

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Order flags can be set up in ChannelGrabber to help easily identify and filter orders based on your own criteria, for example, if you have multiple staff members processing orders at the same time, each person could have their own flag, which they would apply to the batch of orders they are dealing with, and that way, any other users know those orders are being dealt with.

Once an order flag is applied to an order, a section of the order changes colour, and the flag can be viewed by hovering over the coloured section.


Setting Up Order Flags

1.  First, navigate to Settings – Advanced – Order Flagging:


2.  Click the Add (+) button to create a new flag:


3.  Type a name for the flag and click on the colour box to choose a colour for your flag (simply click anywhere off the colour box to return to the page):


4.  Click the Add (+) button again to create more flags and click the Save button when you are done:


5.  If you wish to delete any flags in future, simply return to these settings and click the Delete button next to the flag(s) you want to remove, then click Save:


Using Flags On Orders

 1.  Navigate to your main Orders page:


2.  Use the tick box on the left of each order to select the orders you want to apply flags to:


3.  Next to the Bulk Actions drop-down menu, you will see a Flag Actions drop-down menu.  Click this to choose which flag to apply to your selected orders (the number following the flag name is just an internal reference for that flag in ChannelGrabber) then click the Go button to apply the flag to your order(s).  If you hover over the coloured flag on the order, it will display the flag name, in case you need to check what the flag represents:


Filtering Orders By Flag

 1.  In the order filter section at the top right of the main Orders page, click the More button to access the advanced filters:


2.  At the lower left of the advanced filter options, you will see a Flags drop-down menu.  Select the flag you want to filter by, and if you need to include any archived orders, you can select the tick box for “Show Archived”, then click the Filter button:


3.  Any orders with your selected flag applied will now be displayed:



We hope this guide is useful but if you require further assistance, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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