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Creating a New Manual Order
Creating a New Manual Order

Learn how to capture customer details to create manual orders which can then be processed in bulk alongside your marketplace orders

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You can use ChannelGrabber to create manual orders for any items in your ChannelGrabber inventory that are sold anywhere other than your connected marketplaces.

ChannelGrabber cannot process payments, so you would need to arrange payment outside of the system, eg. via card over the phone or via PayPal etc.


1.  Hover over the Orders button and from the sub-menu, select MOTO (Manual Order Telephone Order):


2.  First, select which Trading Company you want to order to go under, then enter your customer’s name, email address, phone number and delivery details.  If they are a repeat customer and you have received an order from them before, you can simply type the name and click the Search button to auto-populate the rest of the Buyer Information and Delivery Information:


3.  In the Product section, set whether or not your prices are exc. VAT and select your currency, then search for the product name or SKU of the first product you are selling and ChannelGrabber will bring up a list of any matching products for you to select from:


4.  The quantity will automatically be entered as 1, but you can amend this to reflect how many of the item are being ordered, and if you have entered an Anchor Price for the product in ChannelGrabber, that will auto-populate the Item Price field for you (although you can override this too) and the line total will be calculated.  To add more products to the order, click the Add Row button:


5.  In the Additional section, you can add any order notes as required, then choose the shipping method you want to apply (this will need to be set up in Settings > Shipping > Map Shipping in order to display here), and enter the cost of shipping (0.00 indicates free shipping):


6.  Finally, set the Order Status, then click the Confirm Order button to complete the manual order:

  • New -  indicates it is paid for and ready to be processed

  • Awaiting Payment - lets you know that payment has not cleared/been processed yet (this can later be updated to New on the manual order once the buyer pays)

  • Dispatched - shows that the item has already been shipped/collected

  • Cancelled - Logs the order but shows it as cancelled on the orders page


7.  Once you have confirmed the order, you will be taken into the full order breakdown screen, with all details of the manual order.  Click the “Back to orders” button (X) on the top right corner to return to your main Orders page, where you can then process your Manual Order along with all your other marketplace orders:



We hope this guide is helpful, but if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact the Support Team.

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