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eBay HTTPS Security Protocol (2017)
eBay HTTPS Security Protocol (2017)

Help and information about eBay's security policy changes in October '17

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We have been made aware that eBay are notifying sellers of a change to browser security warnings, which may affect sellers' eBay listings.  If you are likley to be affected, eBay will email you via your seller account directly.

What are security warnings?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and is the safest way to transmit information over the network. When pages use HTTPS, web browsers display a padlock icon to reassure online shoppers that the page they are visiting is safe. 

If pages aren’t using HTTPS, they display a security warning. For example, Google Chrome displays the message “Your connection to this site is not secure” and this can turn away potential buyers as well as having a negative impact on how your listing performs in search results.


Will this affect my listings that are created/managed in ChannelGrabber?

Quite possibly, if you use an eBay Listing Template.  Most templates contain cascading style sheets (CSS), so you will need to check with your template designer if the stylesheet they are using is HTTP or HTTPS based.  You may need to ask your designer to update your template to remain compliant with these new security standards.  If so, you will then need to update your template in ChannelGrabber too, and apply the new version of your template to your listings (please see our other guides on eBay Listing Templates and Updating eBay Listing Templates in Bulk for more information on this).

eBay are also warning about images being the cause of these security warnings too, however earlier this year ChannelGrabber made sure that all our services go through HTTPS, so any content, images etc sent from us to eBay should not cause security warning issues.


How can I find out if my existing eBay listings will be affected?

eBay has a detailed article on their Seller Centre help pages, which explains all this in more detail and also has a tool which helps you check your listings in bulk, so please visit this eBay page:  

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