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eBay Active Content Updates (2017)
eBay Active Content Updates (2017)

Help and information about eBay's listing policy changes in June '17

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General Information

eBay have recently started to let their sellers know that they are making changes to their listing policies to do with Active Content within the listing descriptions, which come into effect from June 2017.  Full details can be found in eBay's article about this here:  

This may affect ChannelGrabber users who have HTML listing templates for their eBay listings, so to prepare for these changes, we encourage you to stop using active content as soon as possible. You can check if your listings contain active content by using the i-ways Checker, a free tool which has been developed in collaboration with eBay themselves.

If you are affected, you should contact the original person/company who designed your eBay template to ask them to adapt it to remain compliant with eBay's new policies, as ChannelGrabber does not provide a design service ourselves, and our staff are not qualified in HTML, so unfortunately we cannot help you with this ourselves.

dZine-Hub Templates for ChannelGrabber Classic Users

If you have one of our free templates, provided by our design partners dZine-Hub, as part of a sales promotion in 2014, then now may be a good time to update or upgrade your template design anyway, so we recommend you speak with dZine-Hub and let them know you are a ChannelGrabber customer, so that they can provide a quote for a new, bespoke eBay template that will be compatible with ChannelGrabber.

For further information about setting up new eBay templates in ChannelGrabber, please see our separate guide on eBay Listing Templates, and you/your designer may also want to refer to the ChannelGrabber HTML Tags guide, to ensure that any new templates you have made will be compatible with your ChannelGrabber account.

Once you have chosen a new template or had one designed, please see the section below for details on how to update your template on your eBay listings via ChannelGrabber.

Updating/Switching to a new eBay Template Design via ChannelGrabber

Applying or updating an eBay template in ChannelGrabber relies on you having your existing eBay descriptions in plain text, so that the text in your descriptions can be inserted into the relevant part of the HTML code in the template.

This will usually be the case if you created the listings and applied a previous template within ChannelGrabber, but if they have ever been imported from eBay into ChannelGrabber, you may find that the eBay descriptions contain pre-existing HTML code or old template code, so if you were to apply a new template to this type of description, you will end up with a "template within a template", as ChannelGrabber will insert the existing description which includes the old template, into the new template.  Unfortunately there is no quick-fix for this situation, so you will need to remove any old templates/HTML from your eBay descriptions in ChannelGrabber, before you can apply a new one.  

This can be done by clicking on the product name from the main Products page in ChannelGrabber, clicking onto the Listings tab within the product, then clicking the Edit button on the eBay listing profile.  

Once inside the eBay listing, click onto the Description tab, and you will be able to see your existing eBay description.  If it contains anything other than normal text, please select and delete the surplus content manually from the description box.  

Once done, you can apply your new template from the Design drop-down menu in the QuickLoad bar at the top of the page, then click on the Preview Template link on the top left of the Description tab, to check how it will look on eBay.  When you are happy, click the Submit/Revise button to submit your updated description content and new template to eBay and update the existing listing.


Updating eBay Templates in Bulk (via Data Exchange)

If your existing eBay descriptions are already in plain text/were created in ChannelGrabber, you also have the option to update your templates in bulk using our Data Exchange feature, so please see our separate guide on Updating eBay Listing Templates in Bulk

If you need further help or information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team via the Intercom chat button or

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