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Setting Up & Personalising Your Account (Settings)
Setting Up & Personalising Your Account (Settings)

Common questions about initial account setup

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I notice that there is a section for Tax (VAT) settings in ChannelGrabber - what should I do if my company is not yet VAT registered?

Simply leave the VAT no. section empty and delete any Tax Rate Names/defaults that have been added, and that way when you list an item, there will be no VAT applied.


What is the difference between the "Invoice Designer" and the "PDF Invoice Designer"?

The "Invoice Designer" allows you to work in HTML code to set up your invoice design in ChannelGrabber (see guide on Creating a Custom HTML Invoice)

The "PDF Invoice Designer" is a much simpler tool for those who are not comfortable working in HTML, which allows you to drag and drop pre-programmed elements (such as images, invoice tables, addresses etc.) into the desired position on the A4 page (see guide on Designing & Printing Invoices)

I have set up Locator names for my Picking List in the Settings section, but where do I add the locations to my products?

To specify locators on an individual product basis, navigate to your main Products page in ChannelGrabber and click on the name of an item, then once inside the product, click onto the Stock tab, and there you will see your three locator fields - simple enter the relevant location in each field for the product you have clicked into:

For more detail on this topic, please see the Personalising & Viewing/Printing a Picking List guide.


I have connected my combined Amazon UK & Europe account - where are my EU products and orders?

By default when you are connecting a new Amazon account initially, it will usually only be the UK marketplace that is enabled in ChannelGrabber, so that is the main reason why Amazon DE, FR, IT and ES products and orders do not initially show in your ChannelGrabber account.  It is a simple matter of getting the extra EU marketplaces enabled (this does not cost any extra if you have a combined UK/EU Amazon account) so you will need to speak with either your Implementation Specialist or the Support Team, to let us know which marketplaces you need adding onto your ChannelGrabber account.  

Once the additional EU marketplaces are enabled, you can follow the Connecting to Amazon guide to connect your EU accounts (you can use the same Seller ID and Authorisation Token as your UK account if it is a combined account), and then the EU orders will automatically import into ChannelGrabber, and you can follow this guide on Importing Existing Listings From Your Marketplaces to import any EU products into your main Products page in ChannelGrabber.


I use the "Out of Stock Control" function on my eBay account so that my eBay listings do not end when I run out of stock - how does ChannelGrabber handle this setting?

If you use this on eBay, then you simply need to enable the same setting in ChannelGrabber.  Navigate to Settings - Marketplaces - eBay Accounts, and click on the Account Settings button to show more settings.  You will see an option for "Out of Stock Control", so click into the tick box underneath it to activate this option in ChannelGrabber (this also activates it on eBay if you do not already have it enabled) and then click the Save button on the lower right side of the section:

Once this is enabled, this will ensure that ChannelGrabber sends the correct stock feeds to eBay when you get down to zero stock of an item.

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