Yodel Courier Integration

Outlines the process you need to follow to integrate ChannelGrabber Classic with your Yodel courier services

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Setting Up The Integration

If you need an integration setting up between your ChannelGrabber account and Yodel, you will first need to let the Sales Team know by calling +44 (0)161 711 0248 so they can discuss any additional charges (depending on the type of package you have with us).  


Once this has been agreed, you will need to contact your Yodel Account Manager and let them know you need an integration between Yodel and ChannelGrabber so you need to request your TEST Yodel account details and please also request an address to send your test labels to.  Yodel shoud provide you with the following details:

Meter Number

Account Number

Contract Number

Schedule Number

Licenseplate Range Start

Licenseplate Range End

FTP Username

FTP Password


Once you have received these details, please email them to support@channelgrabber.com with the subject as "Yodel Integration".


Please note:

We always process integrations as fast as possible from our side, but due to the amount of time that Yodel can take to process our requests, please be aware that Yodel integrations can take several weeks to complete.


The rest of the process is as follows: 

  1.  Once we have received the Yodel test details, we enable the module in ChannelGrabber and you can print off a test label for each of the services you want to use with Yodel (see section below on Printing Yodel Labels).

Important Note:  

The most common reason for labels to be rejected is due to poor print quality or misaligned labels.  When printing the labels, please ensure "Dithering" is set to off in your printer settings.  Dithering can be found within the print dialogue options and is usually defaulted to "Halftone" but needs to be set to "None".  If you are printing your labels on A4 integrated label paper then you must ensure that all parts of the label are printed within the sticky label section, so please check your paper alignment in your printer if any part of the label is printing outside of the label boundary.


2.  You send the printed test labels to Yodel as well as a manifest file (see section below on Generating a Yodel Manifest), including a cover letter with your Yodel account details and the fact that this is for an integration with ChannelGrabber, at the address your Yodel account manager has provided. 


3.  Yodel then check the labels and manifest, and if they are correct, they approve them and send you your live account details - again Yodel can take several weeks to process the test labels.  If they fail the labels, they should send you/us a detailed summary of their report, so that we can identify any problems with the labels that would have caused them to be rejected.  If you receive this report, please reply to your support ticket email with it so that we can help you further.

4.  Once your labels are approved, Yodel/you send your live account details to us, and we complete the integration from our side. Once your integration is ready to use, Support will let you know. 



Printing Yodel Labels

Yodel labels are printed by selecting orders on the main Orders page in ChannelGrabber, and using the “Print Yodel Labels” bulk action (see Processing Orders guide for further instructions on this if you are new to the software). Yodel has a large range of services, but ChannelGrabber adjusts the list of available services for each order based on if they are valid for the recipient location.  

Printing the labels here doesn’t instantly notify Yodel that you wish to ship the item - there is an additional step to generate a manifest (detailed below) which does this, whilst also allowing you to cancel previously printed labels if necessary.



Generating a Yodel Manifest

Important Note:  

To complete the processing of any Yodel labels that you create in ChannelGrabber, you will need to submit a manifest to Yodel for the shipments you are sending.  One manifest file per day is acceptable, provided it includes all shipments for that day.  If Yodel do no receive a manifest then the service is affected, customers notifications aren’t issued, mis-sorts can occur and a surcharge will be applied so it’s imperative that Yodel receive the manifest.  Yodel recommend that you should make sure you generate your manifest before 6pm each day.

  1.  To generate the manifest in ChannelGrabber, navigate to Settings > Shipping > Yodel Manifest.


2.  The “Today’s Consignments” section will provide a list summarising the labels previously printed. Links are provided to allow you to reprint labels if necessary, and consignments can also be deleted - allowing you to delete any with incorrect details and re-create them.


3.  To confirm shipments, tick the checkboxes next to them and click “Create Manifest”. This creates a manifest in PDF format for your reference, and sends the details directly to Yodel.

4.  The page also has a “Create Monthly Manifest” button, which creates a PDF manifest showing all your shipments for the calendar month.


We hope this guide in helpful.  For any further help or information regarding our courier integrations, you can contact our Support Team using the Intercom chat button or by emailing support@channelgrabber.com

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