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Royal Mail OBA: Default Service Formats / Package Types
Royal Mail OBA: Default Service Formats / Package Types

Learn how to set default package types per product to speed up processing your Royal Mail labels

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Previously, when generating Royal Mail OBA labels via ChannelGrabber, the service format (eg. Letter / Large Letter / Parcel) had to be chosen for each individual item/order.  We have now released an improvement, so that you can set a Default Service Format at a product level, so that when that product is ordered, ChannelGrabber can automatically select the relevant service format to save you having to do this as an additional step during label generation.


To add a Default Service Format to a product, navigate to the main Products page in ChannelGrabber and click onto the product name of the item you want to add it to:


Once the General page opens for that product, you will see on the right hand side, a section called Default Service Format.  This is where you can specify which service format to use for when a single unit of this product is ordered.  Simply click the drop-down menu and select the service you want to set as the default:


Once you have selected the Default Service Format, eg. “Large Letter”, you can add a second level to the rule below in the Default Shipping Service Format section, which tells ChannelGrabber which service format to use if more than one of this item is ordered.  To start, click the green Add (+) button:


A new line will load which allows you to set the required quantity to be ordered for the new default service format to apply, eg. “If quantity ordered is greater than 5, the default service format should change to Parcel":


You can repeat this process if you need to add multiple rules, so if a single item would be a “Letter”, then more than two becomes a “Large Letter”, then more than five becomes a “Parcel” then you can simply click the Add (+) button twice to set two different quantity-based rules:


Once you have set your defaults, the next time you process OBA labels in ChannelGrabber, the package type should be in line with your product default:



We hope this guide in helpful.  For any further help or information regarding our courier integrations, you can contact our Support Team using the Intercom chat button or by emailing

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