eBay Global Shipping Tags (For Invoices)

Use dynamic tags to customise your customer's invoices to include addresses from eBay's Global Shipping Program

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ChannelGrabber supports orders from the eBay Global Shipping Program, so when the orders come into the system, they will have the global shipping address and reference ID, rather than the customer's overseas address.

You can use these even if you have other channels, as if there are no eBay Global Shipping details with the order, ChannelGrabber will automatically use the normal address anyway - win, win!  :)

In order for the correct address to be included on your invoice design, you will need to use the following tags for the customer address section, and you MUST include the Reference ID in order for eBay's distribution centre to correctly process your package:














For further help customising your invoice design, please see the separate guide on Designing & Printing Invoices

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