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Find out how to connect your email address and have automated emails sent to your customers

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The purpose of the Customer Notifications module is to allow you to set up customised email designs (in HTML) and then set rules on when ChannelGrabber sends these out to your customers (you can align different emails with different stages of the order process).  The email will look like it has come from your email account so your customer will not know ChannelGrabber is involved.

This module is not automatically enabled on new ChannelGrabber accounts, and usually costs £15+VAT per month to add to your ChannelGrabber subscription.  If you have a Premier or Professional level account with us, there is no additional charge.


Adding the Customer Notifications Module to Your Package

  1. Please navigate to the Modules page in your ChannelGrabber navigation bar:

2.  Scroll through the module options and click on the More Info button on the Customer Notifications section:

3.  Click the Buy button and a pop-up will appear to ask you to confirm that you are happy for us to add this module to your ChannelGrabber package on your next billing date:

Click the OK button to submit your request and the module will then be added onto your account automatically: 


Setting up Automated Customer Emails

Once the module is enabled on your account, please follow these steps to set it up and customise it: 

1.  Go to Settings > Advanced > Email Accounts and click “New Account” on the top right hand side:


2.  Complete the required fields to align ChannelGrabber with your email service.  Click “Test Connection” and when this is successful, click “Submit”:

3.  Go back to Settings > Customer Notifications > Email Designer.  Here you can create a new HTML template for your emails (paste your HTML code into the box) or load an existing one if you have previously created one.

4.  To create a new template, fill out the Template Name field and click New Template.  Add your HTML code to the template box (there are certain tags you can use to pull in specific information from ChannelGrabber, such as the customer’s name, order ID etc. – these are available in the “ChannelGrabber HTML Tags (Invoices, Templates)” guide in the Knowledgebase) then click the Save button:

5.  Once you have saved your template(s) go to Settings > Customer Notifications > Email Rules.  Here you can set up the rules for when you want ChannelGrabber to email the customer (based on an Order Status) and which template/trading company/email address to use:

These rules will not be active until you switch the rule ON on the right.

We hope this guide is helpful, but of course, do let us know if you need any further assistance.

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