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Learn about how our Amazon Repricer module can help you sell at a competitive price while still protecting your profit margins

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ChannelGrabber supports active repricing of your products that are listed on Amazon UK, DE and FR, that share an ASIN with other sellers.  This means you can set pricing rules for each item in ChannelGrabber, then depending on your competitors’ pricing, your prices will be adjusted up and down to stay in line with the competition.

The Amazon Repricer module costs £15+VAT per month for Basic, Regular and Professional package users, and is free for Premier users.

Adding the Amazon Repricer Module

1. Please navigate to the Modules page in your ChannelGrabber navigation bar:

2.  Scroll through the module options and click on the More Info button on the Amazon Repricer section:

3.  Click the Buy button and a pop-up will appear to ask you to confirm that you are happy for us to add this module to your ChannelGrabber package on your next billing date:

Click the OK button to submit your request and the module will then be added onto your account automatically.


Setting Up Your Repricer Rules

1.  Go to Modules > Amazon Repricer to launch the module once you have had it enabled: 

2.  Your Amazon ASINs will automatically have been imported into the Repricer, so you will have a list of all the ASINs you are currently listing against, as well as your SKU, Product Name and Current Price.  To the right of the product information is the space for you to enter your pricing rules:


3.  To add a rule to a product, click the green + button at the end of that product line, and this will open up the fields for you to complete:


4.  First, enter the Shipping Price for the item as it would be on Amazon.  You can then add the Floor and Ceiling Prices, which are the lowest and highest prices you would be willing to sell your product for including postage:

5.  Under the “Change” column, open the dropdown menu and you will see several options; please choose “Decimal”:

6.  The “Track” column allows you to specify whether you want to track the lowest price, the average price or the highest price of the competition.  If you want to be the cheapest, you will need to select “Low”:

7.  Finally, under the “Amount” column, you need to enter a decimal amount to represent how much cheaper you want to be than the competition, for example “-0.01” would represent that you want to be a penny cheaper each time you get re-priced.  It is important to enter the minus (-) sign before your amount:


8.  This completes your Repricer rule for that particular ASIN, so the next time the price changes on that item on Amazon, ChannelGrabber will automatically re-price your product, but only ever as low as your floor price or as high as your ceiling price.  You can then repeat this process for any other product you want to be automatically re-priced.


We hope this guide is helpful, but of course, do feel free to get in touch with the Support Team if you need any further assistance.

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