Adding Additional Marketplaces (Amazon, eBay)

Learn about the costs of adding additional marketplaces and how to do this

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Each ChannelGrabber package includes at least one eBay and one Amazon marketplace account as standard in the price (a Unified Amazon Account including UK, DE, FR, ES and IT counts as ONE account in ChannelGrabber).  Some packages include more as standard:

Package: Basic
Accounts included:  1x eBay and 1x Amazon

Package:  Regular
Accounts included:  1x eBay and 1x Amazon

Package:  Professional
Accounts included:  2x eBay and 2x Amazon

Package:  Premier
Accounts included:  Unlimited eBay and Amazon

If you wish to add additional marketplace accounts on top of the standard allowance for your package type, you can do so, for a cost of £15+VAT per account, per month.

Adding Additional Marketplace Accounts to Your Package

1.  Please navigate to the Modules page in your ChannelGrabber navigation bar:

2.  Scroll through the module options and click on the More Info button on the Amazon or eBay section, depending on which one you want to add:

Note: the yellow number next to the More Info button shows how many accounts for that marketplace you already have connected to ChannelGrabber Classic.

3. a)  For eBay, click the Buy button:

3.  b)  For Amazon, first you need to select which country or unified countries account you want to connect:

Important Note:

Unified Amazon accounts have the unified countries included in the package, for example, if you choose the "EU" coption, that will include UK, DE, FR, IT and ES, whilst "United States" would include US, CN and MX.  If you select an individual country then only the marketplace for that one country will be added.

Once you have chosen the country/countries you want to connect, proceed to click the Buy button:

4.  Once you click the Buy button, a pop-up will appear to ask you to confirm that you are happy for us to add this module to your ChannelGrabber package on your next billing date.  Click the OK button to submit your request and the module will then be added onto your account automatically:


Connecting to Your New Marketplace

Once your new marketplace account(s) have been enabled , you can follow these guides in order to connect your new marketplace accounts to your ChannelGrabber account:

If you have existing listings on your marketplaces, you can follow the Unimported Listings guide to import them into ChannelGrabber once your new accounts are connected.

Removing Marketplace Accounts

If you need to remove a marketplace account now, or in the future, please follow this guide on How to Remove a Module and if this will reduce your package cost, then our Billing Team will automatically adjust your next subscription invoice for you.

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