WooCommerce Webstore Integration

Learn how to obtain the details we need to connect with your WooCommerce webstore

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In order to obtain the relevant details required for the connection, you'll need to login to your WooCommerce admin panel. If you don't know what this is, you should be able to obtain this from your site administrator.

Once you login to WooCommerce, you will be presented with the main dashboard page. 

1.  Click on WooCommerce on the right navigation bar:

2.  Then click on Settings:

3.  Click on the "API" tab at the top of the page:

4.  Tick the option to "Enable the REST API"

5.  Click on Keys/Apps, then "Add Key"

5. a)  Enter the description as "Channelgrabber".

5. b)  The User can remain the same

5. c)  Select permissions as "Read/Write"

6.  Lastly, click on "Generate API Key".

You will then be presented with a page which shows your API Keys.  Please copy this information and send it to support@channelgrabber.com and let them know that you require an integration with your WooCommerce store using the provided credentials.

A member of the Support Team will then be able to help you complete the integration.

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