KashFlow Accounting Integration

Learn about our KashFlow integration and how to get it set up

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ChannelGrabber offers an integration with the KashFlow online accounting software (www.kashflow.com), which allows new customer records and invoices to be created in KashFlow automatically for each order that is imported into ChannelGrabber from your channels.

This module is not automatically enabled on new ChannelGrabber accounts.  The usual fee is £20+VAT per month for the KashFlow module, with the exception of our Premier customers, for whom it is included in the price of their subscription.

Allowing ChannelGrabber API Access to KashFlow

To do this, navigate to the Apps section in KashFlow:

On the top right corner of the Apps / Services page, click on the API Settings button:

Tick the box next to the "Enabled" option and further settings will load in:

Make sure that the "Restrict Access to specific IP addresses" option is ticked, then click on the "edit address list" link:

One at a time, add the following IP addresses and add "ChannelGrabber" in the comment field to help to identify them:




When you're done, click on the "Access List" button on the top left corner to return to the API settings section:

Check that your settings are the same as our example below and click the Update button to save your changes:

That's it - all done!  :)  ChannelGrabber will now have access to your KashFlow account, but your account will be secure as you have only white-listed our IP addressed, so no other systems can use the API unless you authorise them too  :)

The next step is to connect from our side...

Adding the KashFlow Module to Your ChannelGrabber Package

  1. Please navigate to the Modules page in your ChannelGrabber navigation bar:

2.  Scroll through the module options or click on the "Accounting" header in the navigation bar, and click on the More Info button on the KashFlow section:

3.  Click the Buy button and a pop-up will appear to ask you to confirm that you are happy for us to add this module to your ChannelGrabber package on your next billing date:

Click the OK button to submit your request and the module will then be added onto your account automatically: 


Connecting KashFlow to ChannelGrabber

Once you have purchased the KashFlow module, the system will automatically take you to the KashFlow Setup page:

1.  Enter your KashFlow login Username and Password first.

2.  If you have already followed the first step in this guide to allow ChannelGrabber access to your KashFlow API, then you don't actually need to fill in the "KashFlow IP Authorisation Key" so just leave that empty.

3.  Select a date that you would like us to create invoices in KashFlow from - eg. do you want us to back-date to the start of the last financial year (if we have order data that far back) or do you just want us to start from the date you're adding the module? 

4.  Tick in the relevant boxes if you want us to include VAT on invoices sent to KashFlow and whether you want Amazon FBA orders sent to KashFlow.

5.  Click the Continue button to complete the setup.

KashFlow Mapping

Once your account is connected to ChannelGrabber, the final stage of setup is to map the Payment Methods, Bank Accounts and Sources from your KashFlow account to each of your marketplaces that are connected to ChannelGrabber (this ensures that all the mapping on KashFlow's side is correct for orders forwarded to them from ChannelGrabber).

  1.  Navigate to Settings > Accounting > KashFlow Settings

  2. Click on the Download Data button:

3. Under that, you will then see a row for each channel where you can associate the required Payment Method, Bank Account and Source to each channel, then click the Save button at the bottom when you are done:


What Happens Next?

Once the integration is set up, there is nothing you need to do in ChannelGrabber, as the process is automated, but you will see an additional logo on your Orders page for the KashFlow action.  

This will be greyed out until an order has been sent from ChannelGrabber to KashFlow, at which point it will go into full colour to show that the customer and order details have been sent to KashFlow.  This is usually prompted when an order is paid for, so if the order is still in the “Awaiting Payment” status, we would not expect to see the KashFlow logo highlighted, as the invoice will not be created until payment for the order has cleared on the channel:


If you make any changes to the order details after the order has been sent to KashFlow, for example updating a customer's address, you can simply click the KashFlow logo next to the relevant order and that will send a revised invoice to KashFlow to update the original one.


If you need further information or assistance, please feel free to get in touch via the Intercom chat system or by emailing support@channelgrabber.com.

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